Sonja Ball

A veteran of the Montreal music scene, Sonja has been singing professionally since the age of 11 and is also known as one of Canada's premiere voice-over artists. 


She has performed in many bands over the years, opening for music legends like Smokey Robinson and Glen Campbell  She was signed to Atlantic Records after her hit single "Can't Live Without You" was recorded in 1986 under the pseudonym SUZY Q and rose to No.10 on the American Billboard  charts, remaining no.1 on the U.K. charts for over a month. 


As well as having co-written songs recorded by Celine Dion and Nanette Workman, Sonja continues writing and performing her own soulful roots music with husband/guitarist/songwriter Roger Sarazin and band mate Jacques Nolin. They are featured together on the CD's, "Sweetfield", recorded in 2005, and the Montreal multi-artist compilation CD, 2011's  "Friends of Peace".  Sonja's big vocal sound is the sky in Silk Sky


Roger Sarazin

A versatile guitarist playing professionally for over 30 years, Roger Sarazin is also a songwriter, music teacher and winner of 1993's Quebec Country Music Awards. Following two decades gigging in Toronto, Quebec and Eastern Canada, Roger writes and performs with wife/singer/songwriter Sonja Ball and band mate Jacques Nolin.  

Roger Sarazin's blues flavored guitar sound is the vital earth beneath Silk Sky.


Jacques Nolin 

In the early 70's Jacques began composing music with brother Francois, singing and recording together in Montreal and performing throughout Quebec as Les Freres Nolin. He’s married to  Silk Sky's Jennifer Boire, and has been musically connected to Sonja Ball since the 80’s, having  played Montreal and Toronto venues together in the same band. 

Jacques Nolin's bright, light-filled guitar sound brings the sun to Silk Sky.  

Jennifer Boire

Singing and playing her guitar as a folkie in the 70’s, Jennifer Boire's major criterion for marrying Jacques Nolin was the musical fit! She honed her skills at singing 4-part harmony performing with Montreal's Sweet Adeline’s barbershop chorus, and Over The Top barbershop quartet as tenor for over five years. As part of the Hudson Music Club ensemble, she has  performed as a soprano in many recent musicals including Still in the Mood, Abba, and the Broadway Jimmy revue. 

Jennifer Boire's smooth soprano vocals add the silk to Silk Sky.

John E Mac

Montreal musician/producer/engineer John E Mac joins Silk Sky. Welcome, John!

As a band hoping to share a positive message with people, Silk Sky invites you to check out this short video presentation from Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat:
Medicine For Peace

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